A single seater air vehicle powered by the latest in electric propulsion technology, engineered to be the first affordable air vehicle to bring vertical take-off and landing to market, Atlas will show you new ways of flying.

Safety is at the core of our air vehicles:

Flight assist software makes flight controls as easy as flying a drone

Sensing and obstacle avoidance avionics suite keeps you out of harm’s way

Full air vehicle ballistic parachute has your back

Landing skids and glide ratio of 7 allows for safe horizontal landings

High Performance, All-Electric Powertrain:

Two brushless direct current motors (BLDC) output up to 150kW (200 hp) of power

Proprietary Electric ducted fan units produce up to 350kgf (760lbf) of combined thrust

Wing-integrated 12kWh lithium ion battery pack ensures up to 1 hour flight time

As quiet as 87 dBA from 15.2m (50ft) away

Easy to fly and Operate:

Legal under Ultralight Part 103 or Certifiable as an experimental aircraft

Maximum speed: 102 km/h (55 knots) - as per FAA Part 103 (USA)

Service Ceiling: 3,000m (10,000ft) - Unpressurized cabin

Full charge in under 2 hours


Airframe Characteristics:

Height: 2.5m (8.2ft)

Width: 1.3m (4.1ft)

Wingspan: 3.8m (12.5ft)

Dry mass: 130kg (285lbs)

Maximum payload: 90kg (200lbs)

Pre-order Atlas today for an exclusive invite to the first ever flight demonstration, and be the first to tame the skies.

The pre-order process is non-binding requieres no deposit, just your signature, and is the best way to support the development of our aircraft. You can later formalized your order through a deposit once we are nearing production in 2020. Being first to sign means getting your aircraft sooner, plus invitations to our flight demonstration events, and development updates.

For those that are interested, we’re not ones to disappoint. We’ll put Atlas in your garage by the end of 2020!