Sci-Fi No More: Personal Urban Air-Transport

Whenever someone is stuck in traffic, it isn’t unusual to dream of the day when one can simply strap on a jetpack and fly through the clouds to their destination. However, in light of the many technological breakthroughs seen in recent years, that day may be a lot closer than most people think.

This blog site is devoted to the tantalizing notion of personal urban air-transport vehicles of the not-so-distant future. From strap-on jetpacks to self-flying planes and mini-copters, this site presents readers with a range of interesting facts on a subject that’s no longer confined to the realm of science fiction.

The Future of Self-Flying Planes

27 Mar 2022

It may actually seem like a scary concept. Still, self-flying planes are already in production, and the manufacturers are awaiting approval to launch them. They can be flown without a pilot and one are controlled by a remote operator. It isn't even necessary to know how to land, thanks to robotics.

Jet Suits in Use Today

15 Feb 2022

You may undoubtedly be surprised to learn that jet suits and jetpacks are already used as a personal transportation system. For example, they can be worn by mountain rescue teams to help them reach any casualties more quickly, rather than relying on expensive helicopters.

Transportation Systems of the Future

8 Jan 2022

The future of transport is fascinating and will include self-driving cars, the Hyperloop One system, and the Super Heavy Rocket. It will be possible to travel anywhere in the world within an hour. Flying cars will take on even the longest of commuter journeys with ease.

Will Cars Ever Be Able to Fly?

1 Dec 2021

You may think that flying cars are simply an invention of science fiction movies, but the reality is closer than you realize. There are numerous prototypes currently undergoing testing, and there is a real possibility that they could be put into production.


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